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Useful Information

What To Do When Someone Dies

When the death occurs at home

You should inform the family doctor as soon as possible. The doctor may be able to complete the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death upon visiting the home or request that you attend the surgery to collect this.

When the death occurs in a hospice or nursing home

The staff at the hospice or home will assist you in obtaining the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.

When the death occurs in hospital

The general office at the hospital will liaise with the doctors and obtain the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. You will then be required to collect this from the general office.

When the death is referred to the Coroner

Sometimes, the Coroner will need to be informed when a doctor cannot issue the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. In these circumstances, the Coroner’s office will issue the required certification once a cause of death has been established.

Registering a Death

In order to register a death, you will need to obtain the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death as detailed above.

All deaths in England and Wales need to be registered within 5 days – your funeral director is not permitted to register a death.

For deaths that have occurred in Hull, please contact Hull Register Office, The Wilson Centre, Alfred Gelder Street, Kingston upon Hull, HU1 2AB Telephone 01482 300 300.

All deaths that take place in The East Riding will need to be registered at one of the East Riding registrars and all appointments for these offices can be made through the Beverley Registry Office, Walkergate House, Walkergate, Beverley, HU17 9BP Telephone 01482 393 600.

Once you have registered the death, the Death Certificate will be issued and you will be asked how many copies of this you require. There is a standard charge for each copy you request. A formal copy of the Death Certificate will be requested by banks and building societies, pension providers, insurance policies etc. John Parkin and Son do not require a copy of this form.

At this time, the Certificate for Burial or Cremation will also be issued. This is often called “The Green Form”. This is required for the funeral to take place, and should be taken to John Parkin and Son at the earliest opportunity.